Differences Between Horizontal And Horizontal Machines


The modern metal fabrication industry seeks to draw the differences between vertical and horizontal CNC milling machines. Most machinists have used both tools from protechmachinetool.com since they offer CNC machine sales. Read on to understand their differences and draw conclusions from functions, advantages, and other features.

Features of Vertical Milling Machines

A vertical machine is the most preferable because of its versatility. It has a spindle or head in a vertical position hence the name. The rotating cutting tool is held by a spindle with the aid of a drawbar or a quill, as in some machines. In this case, the milling machine can function as a drill. Vertical machines work best for single-sided projects such as sectioning or finishing operations like beveling.

The two types of vertical milling machines are;

  • Knee mills, also known as Bridgeport-type machines
  • Bed mills

A bed mill vertical machine features a table-mounted on the machine’s bed for the work piece’s placement. The bed mill cannot raise or move transversely but can move longitudinally.

Knee mills generally perform more versatile functions as compared to bed mills. They can move along the vertical axis. A knee mill is sometimes called a mill drill because it can serve as a milling machine. The rills and taps on the vertical milling machines can also create holes and threads.

Advantages of Vertical Milling Machines

Even though the knee mill and bed mills function differently, the vertical mills are generally efficient because of various reasons such as:

  • A movable quill feature advances and retracts, improving the worker
  • The user can make an angle cut by tilting the spindle on the Bridgeport-style machine
  • Vertical mills come in different sizes, including small benchtops and large industrial ones. Anything that has a variety to choose from definitely creates convenience.
  • The knee mills feature low horsepower motors, unlike most horizontal mills, which makes them inexpensive in comparison.
  • Vertical machines perform drilling, boring, and engraving alongside their milling functions. This versatility is efficient and cost-cutting since you do not need to buy different machinery for the extra functions.
  • Vertical milling machines are easier to maintain than horizontal milling machines.

Features of Horizontal Milling Machine

Horizontal milling machines are slightly more complex and less versatile than vertical machines. However, they are advantageous in projects that require less accuracy. They are also strong and easier to work with on harder materials or when you need to produce thicker or deeper grooves.

The features of the horizontal milling machines do not allow versatility. However, they are significant in accomplishing the following tasks:

  • Machining slots as well grooves on a workpiece
  • Effective for use in operations that include multi-faced workpiece, which is unachievable using a vertical milling machine
  • Machining operations involving complex or heavy workpieces such as the manufacture of equipment like scalpels and imaging machines for laboratories

Horizontal milling machines are faster than vertical milling machines because of the elimination of the need for accuracy. The end products are smoother, unlike the end products of a vertical milling machine. The design of the horizontal milling machine employs gravity to pull chips out of the workpiece; hence the end product will require little to no fabrication.

A horizontally fitted rotating spindle accomplishes the milling work. Unlike the thin mills on a vertical machine, the cutting tools on a horizontal machine are shorter and thicker.

Used Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine Supplier

Based on the type of work and the density of the material, you can make an informed decision on which type of milling machine you need. Fortunately, you can find both types at protechmachinetool.com. Check out the various milling machines available at Protech Machine Tool Sales and choose one that serves your needs.

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