8 Effective Ways to Manage Files on Computer

Just like paper documents, it is important to keep the files on your computer organized and managed. It helps in ensuring that you can easily and quickly find the required file even after years of its creation.

Managing files properly on the computer will prevent you from spending extra time finding the files when you need them. This is particularly important when you are preparing for a meeting or an online discussion.

The below-described tips will help you with the most effective management of your files on the computer.

Clear Away the Junk

Chances are you’ve downloaded or accessed some file on your system and then forgotten about it. This will result in the accumulation of lots of data that you don’t need. Hence, you must locate and remove this trash.

There is no benefit in keeping those files as it only consumes the space. It’s good to clean up your drive by deleting unwanted files to make some space for new data. On your Mac computer, you will find all the junk, cache, and duplicate files in the Other Storage folder.

Capture Screenshot for Quick Access

While taking a screenshot on the Mac window, it takes into account the drop shadow of the macOS by default which makes it difficult to align the captured pictures. To screenshot without drop shadow effect, enter the Command (⌘)-Shift (⇧)-4 keys.

This will take you to a mode where you can take a required screenshot. Now press the Spacebar key to change your cursor to a camera symbol. Hold the Option key and place the cursor over the object you want to capture, and click the left button.

Install Note-Taking Application

To avoid the storage of lots of temporary files, you can use a note-taking application. Reduce the number of saved files and remove the clutter by noting down important things in one centralized platform using the notes app.

These applications provide a suitable way to note down the daily tasks list, ideas, or thoughts. The best thing is that you don’t have to save the notes on your computer. Hence, instead of storing these scraps in a formal document system, use note-taking apps.

Download & Manage YT Videos

YouTube allows its users to download videos using two methods that include free and premium. Free users can download any video up to 720p resolution, but that video will be available only for 48 hours. Premium users can download YouTube videos at full resolution.

But, it can be available again by reconnecting the devices to a Wi-Fi or mobile network every 48 hours. Managing YouTube account settings can help you in many ways. It includes setting preferences for notifications, editing profiles on Google, or adjusting the channel settings.

Create Folders & Subfolders

Another thing you should do for better file management is to hierarchically group multiple files into folders into a logical collection. Creating dedicated folders will strengthen the foundation of a good organizational structure.

You can also create several folders as subfolders within a folder. Don’t dig deep into the hierarchy, as it’ll require you to click through various folders to find the desired file. Keep the folder structure simple but consistent.

Use Default Installation Folder

Installing and saving multiple application programs seems quite confusing and time-consuming. Rather than installing application programs somewhere else, it is good to use the default file locations. This allows you to keep track of the downloaded data.

If you’re using a Windows computer, access the Program Files directory. By default, application program files exist under the (Drive Letter). Keeping downloaded files and installed apps in one place will allow for easy management.

Follow a Naming Convention

Follow a consistent and relevant naming convention for files and folders to easily determine what is inside. Use the bulk rename feature to rename multiple files in one go. Try to avoid abbreviations and ensure accurate spelling and grammar.

To ease the sorting, precede with the allowed special characters when using sequential numbers at the beginning of the specific file name. Putting alphabets and numbers along with the file names will keep the important files above in the folder, so you won’t have to scroll down.

Store Data to Cloud Storage

Use a free cloud storage provider such as Google Drive to manage your data off-device. It will help you to free up storage space and claim extra gigabytes on physical storage. You can access the stored files on any device, from anywhere, ensuring signing up for your account.

Cloud will automatically save the backup copies of your files for quick retrieval. It also simplifies the process of sharing your files. Hence, if you most often move files between various devices, it can prove highly convenient to use a cloud storage system.

The Conclusion

Effective file management provides multiple benefits. It includes improved accessibility, enhanced security, and better organization of your files. Thereby reducing the stress by ensuring the ease of file access.

So, implement these useful file-management tips to store all your content in one place.

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