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Fixed  Sound Not Works on Vivo Y53

Fixed – Sound Not Works on Vivo Y53

Vivo is the best telephone however “Sound not working” is exceptionally normal issue on Vivo Y53 gadgets. Uplifting news is you can Fix this without help from anyone else inside 10 min. First you need to get what sort of sound issue you have then you can without much of a stretch fix it. Methodology is underneath, if it’s not too much trouble, go bit by bit to fix “Sound doesn’t works” on Vivo Y53 . In the event that you have a Problem, go ahead and leave a remark.

Why sound not dealing with my telephone

  • Whenever you dropped the Vivo Y53 .
  • At the point when you dropped the telephone in to the water.
  • At the point when telephone is contaminated by some infections.
  • Application blunder.
  • Programming blunders.
  • Equipment blunders – this won’t be recorded here.

Turn on the Sound on Vivo Y53 .

Peruse – root my telephone. Ensure whether or not Sound is turn On through the setting, Most of times this happen who inexperienced with their telephone. kindly check whether it is turn ON or OFF. To Check this go to your telephone’s Setting. (Steps are Below)

1.Go to Setting page.

2.Go to Sound or Ringtone and warning/Sound and Vibrations

3.See whether Sound is turn on. (top off Ringtone/Media/Notification/framework)

4.If you have choice to Choose generally Turn On or something then, at that point, select one of them.

Switch off the telephone for 5 min.

This technique can help for all little mistakes of androids. Kindly Turn Off your Vivo Y53 and Turn ON the telephone by squeezing Power Button. See whether or not Sound is Worked. On the off chance that not, then, at that point, Go to beneath venture to Check your telephone’s Sound

Restart with Headphone

Restart your telephone with Headphone associated. This will change the brief setting in the Vivo Y53 . Setting will set into defaults. However, recall, this changes just the earphone related settings. Thus, maybe this strategy likewise may fix your sound issue.

Go SAFE MODE and Check

Peruse – What is Stock and Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader? you can actually look at your Sound through the SAFE MODE. On the off chance that you empowered SAFE MODE, your applications are impaired. So you can Identity whether that Sound mistake come from the App. In the event that your telephone is Ringing in SAFE MODE, Go to Normal mode and uninstall individually and uninstall forever cause application. On the off chance that not, perform Factory reset.

Committed Guide for SafeMode

1.Turn Off the telephone by squeezing power.

2.Turn On the telephone by squeezing power

3.When the Vivo logo shows, press Volume down key until the Lock Screen.

4.Now You are on SAFE MODE

5.Dedicated Guide for SafeMode

Really take a look at Vivo Y53 Sound/Speakers

Peruse Root my telephone. Go to Keypad and Dial #0# to check whether or not your Sound is OK. subsequent to dialing #0# you are on white analyzer Screen. Presently select Sound/Speaker Box. After tap it, you can hear that your telephone is ringing . Additionally you can really look at Mic of your telephone, Camera, Touch, recurrence, Colors

Wipe reserve on Vivo Y53

The greater part of Sound Case happen in light of the fact that telephone’s Cache. So you need to erase that Cache from your telephone. You can definitely relax. There is no biggie or any DATA Lose. We just Delete telephone’s Caches. so if it’s not too much trouble, follow me bit by bit. Subsequent to Restarting, check whether or not Vibrator is Work.

we have committed Wiping Cache posts.

  Kindly Don’t Turn OFF the telephone while Wiping.

1.Turn off the telephone.

2.Press and hold the Volume up key, Home key and Power key till seem Android LOGO.

3.Now, you are on Recovery Menu. Pick the “wipe your telephone” from that menu.

4.Confirm It.

5.Reboot the telephone.

Update Software

Update is more significant thing while utilizing a cell phone. In the event that this blunder is, mistake of android OS Next Update accompany Fixed that. Along these lines, when you face this sort of issues Update your telephone’s Software. Whenever you update your telephone’s OS it assists with expanding Battery Life and It accelerate your telephone as well.

Perform Factory Reset on Vivo Y53

Above strategies didn’t help? Then, at that point, Reset your telephone. that implies, Restore your telephone to Factory Setting and this reason to lose all DATA (call logs,photos,videos, SMS history,phone book,Music, mp3,whatapp viber history,and all passwords) on your phone.So, we prescribe to get full Backup before perform Factory Reset to your telephone. Reset Sound is BIG? Relax ,we have devoted Reset post. Click here

Reset the telephone with Headphone associated. Here and there this will assist with settling the sound mistake. From this strategy we anticipate that all settings should be set in to defaults.

Reset my telephone

1.Turn off the Vivo Y53 .

2.Press and hold the Volume up key, Home key and Power key till seem Android LOGO.

3.Now, you are on Recovery Menu. Pick the “manufacturing plant reset” from that menu.

  1. Pick “Yes – Delete All User Data choice” by squeezing power button

5.After performed Reset, Reboot the telephone.

Streak a Stock ROM on Vivo Device

All of above techniques didn’t help? then, at that point, This is the final remaining one.. Whenever you face this sort of issue, infection warmth gravely, your last strategy is Installing Windows once more. Stock Rom resembles a Windows..There are 2 sort of Rom. One is Stock Rom and second one is Custom Rom. In the event that you introduce Custom Rom it break your Warranty. Stock Rom is Official Rom. we have devoted posts about blazing Stock Rom to Vivo telephone..

Equipment issue

Over all techniques and Solutions Didn’t work? It’s mean; your telephone has an equipment issue. Since we did everything to fix your telephone. No other technique for fix your telephone. So give it to approved help community and check and fix it.


Other Sound and Vibrate Related blunders

Switch off Vibrate and Turn ON Sound for Calls

1.Go to Setting to Change Sound Setting.

  1. Find “Sound and Notification/Sound and Vibration” and tap it.

3.There choice called Sound/Ringing and you need to drag that DOT to 10 (full) position. then, at that point, you can hear sound.. or then again there is a change to change the status.

4.unless, Find Sound Mode and change it to Sound Only mode.

No Ringing for Text Messages/Turn On Vibrate for Text Messages.

Assuming that you have issue NO Sound while getting Text messages.. Most times this happen when you Turn off Sound for Text Messages. So you need to Turn ON it once more. To do this, you need to go Messages. Ensure that Ringing volume is full.

  1. Go to Messages
  2. There are three dabs on above messages and tap it
  3. Now, you can see there is List of choices.. Select Settings choice
  4. Find “Notice” and tap it.
  5. Check for “make sound and show symbol in status bar”.

Dropped to water currently Sound not works

  1. Get out it from water when you see.
  2. Turn off the Vivo Y53 and eliminate the battery when you get.
  3. If telephone as of now OFF,Remove the battery.
  4. Remove SIM card and Micro SD card.
  5. Clean the telephone.
  6. Put your android telephone in a little pack plastic/polythene with rice and seal/tie it and save it for a one little while day after that it will be dry.
  7. Now check whether or not it is works.
  8. If not, you need to give it to Shop.

Back speaker Not works Vivo Y53

On the off chance that really your Vivo Y53 back speaker doesn’t work, you are in not kidding second Now, But you need to recognize whether or not this blunder is come from Speaker. Along these lines, go protected mode and Check it. On the off chance that not work then you need to fix. However, we prescribe you to introduce Rom. There are two sort of Roms. One is Stock Rom and other one is Custom. Stock Rom is true one, so it won’t keep away from guarantee (Link is above).After introducing Rom, all Software blunders will vanish.

No Sound Comes from Headphones/headphones

This can be happened when your headphone jack port harmed or programming or other application blunder. The vast majority of time,this happened in view of Software mistakes. Best Solution is Follow this present An on Z. Ensure that you ought to have turn on sound on your player. On the off chance that you can’t see that then, at that point, utilize new player like KM Player or VLC player. (clean your earphone’s jack and port)

I can’t hear anything during Voice Call

Ensure whether “Call volume is full. You can turn available to work Volume during call by squeezing Volume up key. On the off chance that really your front doesn’t work, then, at that point, you are in not kidding second Now, But you need to distinguish whether or not this mistake is come from Speaker. In this way, go protected mode and Check it or use whatsapp, viber or other calling application to check.

On the off chance that not work then you need to fix yet we prescribe you to introduce Rom. There are two sort Roms. One is Stock Rom and other one is Custom, Stock Rom is true one, so it won’t stay away from guarantee. subsequent to introducing Rom, all Software mistakes will vanish. The greater part of times, when we update telephone , then, at that point, can be happen this, you would be wise to introduce past stock once more (Link is above).



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