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How to Search Guest Posting Opportunities? Know it Now

Have heard about the potential benefits that guest posting provides but don’t know how to start with it? Let’s check out the ways to find guest posting opportunities. Read on and you will come to know about the different ways you can land a good guest posting opportunity for you. You can work with guest posting services too if you find it hard to take out time for writing guest posts on your own and want to focus solely on your business.

Let’s check out the ways to find guest posting sites.

Search for Guest Posting Sites

The best way is to search for the guest posting sites relevant to your niche on search engines, popular being Google. Search for keywords with patterns like “your industry” + “guest posting opportunities”. For example, if your industry or your business is to provide digital marketing services, search “digital marketing services guest posting opportunities” and you will get tons of different websites that accept guest posts belonging to the specific niche you belong to. You can replace the later part with keywords like guest posting, guest blogging, writing for us, etc, and search.

Connect with People Relevant to Your Niche

You can ask people in your connections if they know about any specific website where you can guest post. Connections can help you land on really good guest posting sites so ask any blogger or any other specific people to let you know good platforms to publish your guest posts.

Check Where Your Competitor Posts

You can check where your competitor publishes his/her guest posts. You can track down the backlinks that your competitor’s website is getting using any free/paid tool available in the market. From these backlinks, you can see which are the guest posting websites and can gather some information about them. It is highly likely that they will accept your guest posts if they have accepted your competitor’s ones so send a pitch to them.

Now, let’s have a look at the potential benefits that Guest Posting Opportunities provide.

Reach a Vast Audience

Guest posting provides an opportunity to connect to a vast audience who is interested in your products and services. The website that you guest post on will be having a similar audience as your website; with the same likes and preferences so it is highly likely that they will check out what you offer, and if they find your products/services useful, they will become your customers for sure. You will get an increase in the leads approaching your business so that is a really good benefit provided by guest posting which you must leverage.

Increase Your Social Media Followers

You can include links to your social media profiles in the last part of your guest post. If readers like your post, they will click those links to check out your social media profiles; go through them, and follow you. This will happen if and only if you guest post quality articles regularly. The more qualitative and reader-centric posts you publish; the more your readers will like them and follow you on social media. They will also share your posts with their connections and this increases the chances of growing your social media followers to the next level.

Increases SEO Score with Guest Posting Opportunities

Your overall SEO score can be increased via guest posting. This happens with quality backlinks that you gain from high DA websites. When a user is redirected to your website from any other website, that is a backlink for your website. So when you post a guest article, you can include links to your website in that article; so if the readers are interested in knowing more about a reference topic or about your products; they will definitely click those links and get redirected to your website.

You must guest post on websites with a domain authority of more than 25 and not below that. If you guest post on websites with a high DA, you will get quality backlinks from those websites to your website and this is regarded as a good factor to increase your SEO score. Google considers backlinks from high DA websites important criteria for your SEO score; so it is really beneficial for you to up rank your website using guest posting.


That’s it, that was a brief overview of ways to find guest posting sites and the potential benefits it provides. Hope you got an idea of it and will start leveraging the advantages of guest posting for your business. As said earlier, you can work with any professional guest posting services as well that can help you in writing quality articles and also help you in searching the right Guest Posting Opportunities in your niche.

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