How software can streamline your quantity takeoff process


If you’ve ever been tasked with preparing a quantity takeoff, then you know how time consuming and prone to human error they are. Not to mention how many times throughout a project it may need to be done and redone. Starting with a takeoff to check the project feasibility, then getting more detailed as the project moves from concept to building. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been creating takeoffs, software can only make the process quicker, more accurate, and streamlined. Let’s look at how.


When produced by hand a quantity takeoff can take days, weeks, even months to put together, and changes can balloon that time out dramatically. Not only can software read pdf plans, but measurements can be accurately and precisely gathered from them, and calculations are made automatically – saving a great deal of time. Estimating software can complete a quantity takeoff 80% quicker than doing one manually, changes can be made in an instant, and templates make looking professional quick and easy. The ability to integrate other software, like MYOB or Quickbooks, with the system makes the entry of financial data quicker because you won’t have to enter it into two systems. So, takeoffs can be completed 80% quicker and construction admin 5x faster with software.

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Automated checklists and calculators help curb the issue of human error. Checklists make sure nothing has been forgotten, including any of your business’, or the projects’ soft, or indirect costs. The ability to connect suppliers or upload their pricelists means real-time pricing, and software can automatically add inflation to the prices for projects set for a future start.Software is reliable for forecasting, budgeting, and risk management.


One of the major benefits of platforms like the Buildxact estimating and construction management software is the ability to streamline all aspects of the project. Some of these features include:


  • Communication –no more missed phone calls or emails being sent to spam, estimating software handles all communication between relevant parties on the one platform where they can be quickly retrieved.


  • Information sharing and document storage – all the project’s documents can be stored and shared straight from the software.


  • Scheduling – timelines, schedules, progress, and work orders can be prepared, ordered, and tracked.


  • Asset tracking and management – easily track equipment and tools, set alerts, and schedule maintenance.


  • Invoices and cost tracking – keep an eye on your spending, produce and send invoices.


  • Estimating and quoting – customize templates, save them, reuse them, make them look professional and use them as a marketing tool.


  • Mobile – cloud-based estimating software can be accessed on your smartphone anywhere there is an internet connection.

The amount of time you can save with estimating and construction management software alone is worth the small investment it costs, add in the accuracy and you’ve got an absolute bargain, but add the streamlining abilities of software and you’ll see how it basically pays for itself. Give it a try for yourself with a 14-day free trial or book a demo with the Buildxact team.

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