What Is the Best Inversion Table Alternative? Which One Should You Buy?

Inversion Table Alternative

Inversion Therapy is a great way to help with low back pain, headaches, and migraines. Inversion Table Alternative are expensive and not very portable.

Many people will find the Inversion Table a more affordable option. There are many different inversion table alternatives out there on the market, but not all of them are effective for everyone.

It’s important to know what inversion table alternative is right for you before you make a purchase decision. Take a look at some important questions to ask yourself when deciding which is the best inversion table  for you.

What are inversion tables?

There are a lot of different types of inversion tables, but the best inversion table alternative that is right for you will depend on the symptoms that you have.

For instance, if you have fibromyalgia, you will likely not be satisfied with a mat on the floor. But, if you have lower back pain and are interested in chiropractic treatments, you can find relief with a stack of mats that are on adjustable legs.

What are the differences between the different types of inversion tables?

There are four main categories of inversion tables:

Wall-mounted (conventional) inversion tables

Cave-in versions of inversion tables

Adjustable platform inversion tables

Cable-suspended inversion tables

Cave-in versions of inversion tables look similar to the standard wall-mounted versions.

Which is the best inversion table alternative for me?

The best inversion table alternative for you depends on the reasons for your back pain. Are you considering inversion therapy because you are also suffering from migraines or headaches? If you are, look at a guide on which neck inversion table alternatives are best for migraines.

How often do I need an inversion table alternative?

What you need to consider is how often you are going to use an inversion table. If you only plan on using an inversion table for a short time when you have a head ache or head pressure then a cheaper alternative may be for you.

However, if you are planning on using an inversion table regularly, then a more expensive alternative may be the best one for you.

What questions should I ask myself when deciding which one is right for me?


Buying the best inversion table for your home or office is an important investment. Inversion Therapy is an effective alternative to acute and chronic pain management, headaches, back pain, migraines, and sinus pain.

It’s much cheaper and easier to use than many pain management options. It is possible to get inversion tables at a fraction of the cost of buying a custom built table.

If you decide that you need an inversion table, you should consider buying one from one of the best Inversion Table Alternatives.

Inversion Therapy is a high-quality alternative to many pharmaceutical medications that doctors are pushing on patients.

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