Lime Torrents: 5 Different Torrent Sites Still Online

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents: With the diverse network access suppliers (ISPs) and state run administrations attempting to close down downpour sites, it’s not shocking that a great deal of these destinations battle to endure. Luckily, there are still some deluge locales that are as of now on the web and can assist you with downloading your cherished media documents whenever and anyplace you are by means of Torrents VPN.

One of the well known deluge locales these days is Lime Torrents, which was dispatched in 2009 and has acquired its prominence due to its incredible for new deliveries. With its great seeder proportion and consistent interface, you can never turn out badly with this downpour site.

There are other downpour locales you can use for downloading torrents as of now and these incorporate the accompanying:


In case you’re looking for motion pictures, YTS is an ideal downpour site for you. When contrasted with other downpour locales like Lime Torrents, its normal measurements don’t look so great and its library isn’t quite as large as The Pirate Bay. In any case, YTS has 1,000,000 visits month to month and the normal download speed is 3 to 4Mbps.

Likewise, YTS is additionally centered around motion pictures just and puts forth a valiant effort to follow Lime Torrents with little size and HD quality, which upgrades consequently for any data transmission or gadget. The interface is likewise lovely and the promotion interruption is lesser.

2-The Pirate Bay

This has been a group top choice for quite a long time as of now and it is pressing onward with a large number of clients consistently. In any case, thinking about the quantity of obstructing endeavors and mirrors, the visits month to month possibly 20 to 60 million.

Despite the fact that there’s no precise number to portray its library size, The Pirate Bay has a great many documents and expects a download speed of up to 6Mbps. Its large local area likewise guarantees seeders on any deluge on the site. Speedcheck is a dependable device to check your association’s speed before you hit the download button.

The Pirate Bay has additionally a perfect interface and its supportive labels that let you in on which torrents come from a dependable source and which torrents may represent a security hazard to your PC. Beyond question, The Pirate Bay is considered as the ruler of deluge sites these days with a functioning local area and practically no advertisement interruption.


If you like to download HD scenes of your cherished shows, the best deluge site you can utilize is EZTV. Regardless of whether it have a major library, it’s an ideal spot to find new HD arrivals of different TV shows.

The seeder/leecher proportion of EZTV is likewise respectable since it has a decent local area and furthermore has around 20 million visits month to month. Probably the best thing about EZTV is that it has an immense assortment of torrents for various TV shows. Regardless of whether you’re searching for new or old arrivals of TV shows, EZTV has them all.


It’s a major catalog of torrents, well known for its dynamic local area of great torrents and seeders. Dispatched in 2008, it has roughly 40 million guests month to month.

RARBG rivals The Pirate Bay by furnishing a more customized insight with numerous classes and news displayed on the landing page. The size of its library is likewise good and gets refreshed often, which implies that you get an opportunity to find new torrents on the site.

RARBG likewise offers practically the equivalent download speed as The Pirate Bay, however the main distinction between these downpour sites is that RARBG has all the more promotion interruption. Likewise, in the event that you dwell in the UK, Portugal or Denmark, you’ll need to utilize a VPN in light of the fact that RARBG is obstructed in the said nations.

It’s one of the downpour sites that is as yet online as of now. was set up in 2007 and gets around 100 million dynamic clients month to month with roughly 16 million torrents that are accessible for download.

With its huge downpour information base on the web, an ever increasing number of individuals use on the grounds that it gives TV shows, motion pictures, narratives, music, and other deluge records you’re searching for. Despite the fact that it had some wellbeing issues a couple of years prior, it stays to be one of the most mind-blowing deluge sites.

The beneficial thing about utilizing is that it distinguishes the phony records, so it’s ideal to peruse the remarks prior to beginning to download any downpour document. You can likewise do progressed look with the hunt bar and get the specific torrents you need.

As far as security, works effectively in alleviating security issues and all of the deluge records accompany labels that determine the class, transfer date, document size, and accessible seeds.


With the assortment of media accessible nowadays, there are many advantages to utilizing downpour locales. Despite what you’re searching for, you’ll find digital books, programming programs, anime, computer games, narratives, series, TV shows, and motion pictures. This sort of choice isn’t accessible on streaming sites and, as a rule, you’ll need to consider various memberships just to get the media documents you need. Nonetheless, when utilizing any of the above downpour locales, consistently focus on your security and protection online to keep away from any bother.

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