50 Weird Websites That Rock The Web


Weird Websites: In my everlasting quest thru the Internet jungle, I usually want to be at the lookout. Clicking on seek effects can now and again appear like a recreation of Minesweeper, and a totally traumatizing one, at that. I discover myself stumbling upon weird web sites that appear now no longer to be created with the aid of using every person who falls beneathneath any affordable definition of sanity. Some of those web sites even made me query MY personal sanity.

Some of them made me hate my browser, due to the fact the “X” button didn’t near the weird web page rapid sufficient once I become weird out with the aid of using the stuff at the screen. Unfortunately, as Abraham Lincoln as soon as said: “What has been seen [on the Internet], can not be unseen.” I gift to you – the listing of fifty most weird web sites, which might be hiding in my “Bookmarks” folder. In no unique order – every any such is champions in their personal kind. FINAL WARNING: there’s no turning lower back when you begin clicking on those links!

1. Boohbah.tv

Coming up with descriptions for those become the toughest part. This one especially calls for a “R.I.P. headphone customers” tag – flip the quantity down and begin shifting your mouse around. You won’t be disappointed. Or perhaps you’ll be. Just click on it and watch the silliness begin.

2. Somethingstore.com

This one is simply quite awesome, however in view that my “50 Awesome Websites” listing isn’t performed yet, I determined to encompass this here. The device is quite simple – you pay $10 for a random, unidentified product. You discover best while it arrives. A excellent internet site for those who sense they overlooked out on early life Christmas loot. The idea and the stuff that you can obtain are so weird that TV’s Daniel Tosh simply attempted it out for his Comedy Central Network show, Tosh.O. Purchase at your personal risk, however a number of the stuff is a few satisfactory swag!

3. Z0r.de

Just press F5 and you’re performed – limitless leisure for champions of procrastination and lovers of now and again bizarre, now and again stunning gifs/films.Warning: placed the quantity down and make certain that no one’s looking you. Fair warning – the sound consequences now and again maintain going even after you shut up the tab.

4. wwwwwwwww.Jodi.org

This web page seems like a person whispered a mystery in my ear in an alien language. Is this how first touch with shrewd extraterrestrial lifestyles will appear?

5. YouFellAsleepWatchingaDVD.com

Shout out to every person who has ever fallen asleep at the couch. Anyone can relate to this (I hope, in any other case I’m bizarre, due to the fact I simply like this internet site).

6. StaggeringBeauty.com

(Epilepsy Warning! Seriously!) Skip this in case you are beneathneath the impact of any mind-changing substances, however for the relaxation folks – that is notable addictive silliness, and an excellent pun.

7. TheUselessWeb.com

This internet site should probable offer a listing of its personal. Just click on ‘PLEASE” to visit a random (bizarre/amusing) internet site. I clearly didn’t cheat! My listing is primarily based totally completely on my personal, now and again regrettable, on line queries. Some webweb sites are stunning, others humorous.

8. IsItChristmas.com

The URL is quite self-explanatory. This internet site is for every person with Alzheimer’s disease, no computer calendar, or pestering children who want reassuring that it will, eventually, be here.

9. TimeCube.com

This werid web website online demanding situations math, astrophysics, primary religions, English grammar, and sanity. It additionally gives a appropriate excuse for college students to keep away from faculty entirely. Someone placed a whole lot of power into this!

10. Zombo.com

Visit this internet site daily, proper earlier than you begin work, to test out the notable motivational message and Emmy-worth voice-over.

11. PointerPointer.com

What sorcery is this?! I’ll take “Cool, however nevertheless a chunk bizarre web sites” for 200, Alex. Especially the only with the fellow and not using a pants. Good success locating him now Where did they discover some of these pics?

12. FeartheGayChicken.org

Whatever the tale in the back of this internet site, I’m quite positive that a hen in a hoodie carrying the rainbow flag image qualifies as ’out there’.

13. PixyLand.org

/PeterPan Everything approximately this internet site is sweetly eccentric. A little flashback to the wilder days of the Internet.

14. HeyYeYaaeYaaaeYaeYaa.com

Nothing incorrect with this catchy Auto-tuned music and borrowed video, besides for the bizarre AdSense window. Just desired to share.

15. GodHatesShrimp.com

This interest grabbing parody of what the writers recall to be ill-cautioned non secular fundamentalism is humorous and informative.

16. HelenKellerSim.com

Google on Helen Keller earlier than touring this internet site. This is the virtual equal of all the ones imply center faculty jokes at her expense.

17. KoalastotheMax.com

Incredibly pleasing cuteness and simultaneous demonstration of pixilation

18. DrunkRonSwanson.com

This is what the Internet has been created for! What else can I say?

19. Patience-Is-a-Virtue.org

Just look ahead to it to load completely. This is the maximum hilarious net comedian I’ve ever seen! Slow net connections make it even extra traumatic of patience.

20. BrainWash.com

Weird comforting, this stay webcam indicates parents laundering their garments and consuming coffee. Gives new which means to the concept of dwelling vicariously!

21. FeedtheHead.net

Many of those web sites have one factor in common – their URLs are in large part self-explanatory. This one isn’t anyt any exception – simply feed the head.

22. WWWDotCom.com

Probably the maximum beneficial tip supplied with the aid of using any webpage

23. Cat-Bounce.com

Don’t worry! No cats had been harmed withinside the making of this internet site! Enjoy!

24. ShayeSaintJohn.net

The seemingly otherwise abled author of this weirdweb website online proves that creativity can triumph over the restrictions of the body. Scary and inspirational.

25. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.com

There are instances to your lifestyles, whilst you simply forestall and ask your self “Why?” The man or woman who created this internet site without a doubt didn’t have one of these doubts approximately what he/she become doing.

26. MichaelJFoxNews.com

An offensive internet site with a noble cause.

27. Procatinator.com

Did you recognize that cat photographs and films devour 90% of Internet storage? This internet site is liable for a number of that!

28. WhitePowerMilk.com

OK, that is one is a frankly disturbing (and effective) parody of white supremacists. No NSFW photographs or anything. But its…simply…*sigh*…it’s simply bizarre. In fact, I might provide it a primary spot on this listing.

29. JimCarrey.com

A notable actor, dad, and now, a children’s ee-e book author, and usually a touch off-center, however in an excellent and pleasant manner…mostly.

30. Tane.us

This barely extra interactive model of the “address it” meme unlocks what the author calls “mysterious, nonsensical” animation and tune. Headphone customers beware!

31. CookevillePolice.com

This is the extraordinarily cool Cookeville Police Department weird internet site – maximum truely now no longer the manner they did it in Mayberry RFD!

32. JaredPadaleckisAss.com

Check out the Testimonials to this actor. Those humans truely understand the concern at hand, pinnacle to bottom, as a way to speak.

33. ILoveYouLikeaFatLadyLovesApples.com

This internet site is without a doubt on the pinnacle of our weird-o-meter. It’s pointless, and impressive. The artwork and the tune are depressing, and wait till you feed her sufficient apples.

34. RainyMood.com

I don’t simply understand how I sense approximately this internet site. Created to exhibit a web advertising consulting firm, it’s unhappy and uplifting on the identical time. What do you suppose?

35. SimonPanrucker.com

Never felt sorrier for meals than this. Except for perhaps flashback-kind realizations that bacon was once small, pink, lovable piglets.

36. ThisMan.org

This is apparent bizarre. There’s not anything else to add, besides, ‘watch your dreams’.

37. TheQuietPlaceProject.com

Anyone who spends a an excessive amount of time in a cubicle or in the front of a pc will truely respect this internet site.

38. TheNicestPlaceontheInter.net

What are some of these humans doing? Silly humans, looking to hug their monitors. I don’t understand approximately you, however this internet site makes me sense all fuzzy inside

39. Hosanna1.com

This is simply overwhelming. So stunning, tasteful, and heartfelt. Any net clothier and content material supervisor should study from this internet site!

40. Haneke.net

If you pay manner an excessive amount of interest to details, love complex machinery, want to stare at matters and feature multiple greater loose hours – that is the internet site for you.

41. TheBeatlesNeverBrokeUp.com

Wow. This is simply quite excellent and spooky on the identical time. It’s now no longer genuine, aleven though it represents a few loving, cautious, lunatic effort. If it’s now no longer on iTunes it does now no longer exist!

42. ILookLikeBarackObama.com

The resemblance is uncanny. If you can’t see it, you’re from your rattling mind!

43. MomSpaghetti.ytmnd.com

To all Eminem lovers who additionally show up to experience excessive high-satisfactory home made spaghetti! You’ll love this model of one in every of your all-time favored songs.

44. YouShouldHaveSeenThis.com

I suppose this internet site have to be in university curricula for everyone, everywhere, in any respect instances. So many favorites…Ah, excellent instances!

45. DictionaryofObscureSorrows.com

I ultimately have an area to rationalize my intellectual aberrations from time to time. It’s now no longer “I sense bizarre today” anymore! I can now claim “liberosis”! Serious stuff. I love that those illnesses come from such a lot of exceptional languages.

46. InternetLiveStats.com

I like how “Google+ energetic customers today” stat is the slowest developing for me almost all of the time. Google – take a touch already! The power utilization and hacking information are sort of eye-opening.

47. GeoTastic.org

/Rude I’m getting lazy as we get in the direction of the cease of this listing. So I’ll simply copy-paste the call here: Vaguely Rude Place Names of the World – an in any other case vain map for those who are bored, however usually desired to study a few geography. What does it say approximately the united states that the flags are so tightly packed that I can’t even discover whether or not Intercourse, Pennsylvania is included?

48. PornHubCommentsonStockPhotos.Tumblr.com

The maximum NSFW (Not Safe for Work!) out of entire listing. Unless your boss is myopic, then it’s all excellent. The call says it all. It’s hilarious and of route bizarre maximum of the time. Be cautious wherein you get entry to this!

49. SciencevsMagic.net

/Tes My eyes are nearly bleeding, after spending five mins on that web sites. It’s amusing and visually adorable in a bizarre, sadistic, math-geeky manner.

50. BreakGlasstoSoundAlarm.com

Last, however now no longer least: maximum folks probable desired to do that sooner or later in our lives. Go ahead – knock your self out!

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