Best net velocity check 2021: Test your connection


Slow net? Broadband need to be a software that just works but that is just now not our reality yet. Here are the broadband velocity exams we accept as true with to help you get to the lowest of the network issues at the back of your laggy connection.

Running from domestic (WFH) has become a new norm for plenty. Enterprises at the moment are embarking on hybrid running preparations and meaning domestic internet connections continue to be vital for folks that want to hop on a Microsoft Teams or Zoom video name at the same time as the children are virtual-training, playing Fortnite, or watching Netflix.

Home broadband connections were put to the check during the initial COVID-19 section of pandemic lockdowns around the world as personnel en masse logged in from managed and BYOD gadgets to business applications, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace over VPNs.

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Here are 5 broadband pace tests that ZDNet considers straightforward. To get a true image of your broadband pace, you’ll possibly need to run the checks a couple of times and take a look at consequences across one of a kind devices all through the day.

Ookla’s Speedtest


Speedtest from Ookla, which additionally owns outage site, Downdetector, became one of the first broadband speed tests and gives a photograph of download and upload speeds to an ISP through its internet site or a light-weight app for Windows 10 or macOS. It’s additionally to be had in 17 languages and if you installation an account, you could keep song of your speeds over time.

The carrier shows the modern download and upload speeds, and measurements for ‘ping’, ‘jitter’, and packet loss. There also are options to trade the local server that the ISP velocity take a look at is carried out with — a configuration option that maximum different assessments lack. Plus, effects may be shared on social media.

Ookla has some beneficial explanatory notes for those who aren’t familiar with the ping test. It’s a latency take a look at. Ookla says that less than 59 milliseconds (MS) ping is excellent for online video games. The FCC needs satellite tv for pc broadband providers to supply latency of underneath 100 ms to bid for a slice of its Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). SpaceX says its Starlink satellites will offer a latency of 20ms to 40ms.

Also, if your Speedtest records 250 Mbps, you have to be capable of download a 1GB file in 30 seconds. 25 Mbps ought to be excellent for 4k video streaming.

Its website is useful for folks who are curious sufficient to examine why a test on a mobile device returns a exceptional end result to a pc or a device it really is physically linked to a router.

Each test eager about Speedtest uses Ookla’s server community of over 14,000 servers and reviews again on key community fitness metrics, Nick Turner, a technical trainer at Ookla, tells ZDNet.

“There are Speedtest servers in in reality every country and principal populace center international,” Turner stated.

He argues that Ookla’s allotted server community makes it extra correct than many other tests.

“This permits us to more effortlessly choose ‘nearby’ servers or combos of servers which are capable of delivering the enough bandwidth important to find out the maximum accurate most speeds to the tool in query. Since our founding in 2006, an exceptional general of more than 35 billion tests had been enthusiastic about Speedtest.”


  • It’s a standard motive broadband speed test in use for the reason that 2006
  • It’s no longer from an ISP or a provider issuer
  • Users can select the host server from which to check their ISP’s velocity test


  • The site uses tech-lingo that some human beings might not recognize
  • It’s complete of commercials and ad trackers

The Google pace test for Stadia on line gaming

A speed test for a selected net application

The Google Stadia on line gaming platform has hit some bumps on the grounds that launching in 2019, however it’s miles a big platform and the employer knows that purchaser broadband speeds are critical for adoption.

Google recommends a down load pace of no much less than 10 Mbps to move games on Stadia, but recommends quicker speeds for shows with a decision better than 720p HD.

It teamed up with open source undertaking Measurement Lab or M-Lab to run its speed check. The project is led by using groups at Code for Science & Society and Google.

The Google Stadia web interface is pretty easy — actually a one-click project at Google’s Projectstream internet site from the “Check Now” button. It’s focussed on Stadia users and so, for accuracy, it recommends humans use the tool and community where they want to play and feature a sturdy wi-fi or Ethernet connection. It also recommends halting contemporary downloads and report-sharing, and last tabs which are streaming video.

The measurement takes less than 30 seconds to complete and returns similar effects to Ookla. At the least, it confirms whether or not you’ll have a respectable enjoy whilst gaming on Stadia.

However, as Google notes, the test handiest gives a wellknown indication of the excellent of a connection and does now not assure Stadia will paintings. Other factors encompass the tool, ISP, and other sports which might be consuming bandwidth.


  • It’s a preferred reason broadband pace take a look at in use due to the fact 2006
  • It’s no longer from an ISP or a carrier company
  • Users can choose the host server from which to test their ISP’s pace take a look at


  • The site uses tech-lingo that some people may not understand
  • It’s complete of ads and advert trackers as compared to different exams

Comcast’s Xfinity xFi velocity check

Can you agree with your ISP’s velocity test?

As the United States leader in gigabit internet, Comcast’s Xfinity xFi broadband velocity check is a famous desire for Americans.

The velocity check itself operates in addition to Google’s speed test, however the web site has some pointers for customers wanting to discover why the velocity results may not healthy the consumer’s plan. These are useful however sense defensive, as though they have been written to help reduce customer support calls for why a broadband isn’t as rapid as marketed.

On the other hand, it provides greater context about elements that could affect the home connection, inclusive of an vintage domestic gateway decreasing to be had bandwidth. The result additionally explains what the tool being tested can do, inclusive of streaming 4K video.

The web site prioritizes download speeds but does have a “Show more” option to see upload speeds, latency, the internet protocol, and wherein the host server is located.

Results may additionally vary relying on where you’re positioned. The take a look at designed purely for American internet users.


  • The effects are consistent with different velocity checks
  • It’s lifeless easy to apply and there are not any advertisements
  • Test servers are placed in the US


  • It is a check operated by way of an ISP
  • The facts it provides appears to help lessen assist calls

Netflix’s Fast

A take a look at for Netflix’s CDN

The right issue about Netflix’s Fast.Com broadband velocity is that it’s far run by Netflix, which has an hobby in its customers having a quick enough connection to circulate its content.

There are no lingering questions about ability bias from speed tests run by ISPs. Plus the assessments are international, the usage of servers in which Netflix has set up appliances for its massive content shipping community (CDN).

Netflix has a vast CDN called Netflix Open Connect, which relies on Open Connect home equipment established within ISPs that peer with Netflix. That CDN is built around the principle of transferring content toward customers and is how it grants a fast streaming revel in.

Hence, the Fast.Com check is designed to test the relationship among a person’s tool and Netflix’s CDN servers. That method the consequences are specific to Netflix’s own network, which makes feel for the enterprise however also means it looks at speeds from a specific angle.

The Fast internet site keeps matters simple by way of most effective displaying the down load pace. In my assessments, it reported slower speeds than Oookla’s Speedtest. And it produced wildly one of a kind effects among wifi tests on a 2017 macOS MacBook Pro (160Mbps) and an iPhone 12 (330 Mbps), with both on a modern router’s 5GHz frequency.

But on Fast.Com you do not even want to click on ‘Go’; simply establishing the web page in a browser tab starts offevolved the test. There’s additionally a “Show extra” alternative, which affords latency speeds and upload speeds, in addition to where the servers used inside the take a look at are positioned.


  • It’s designed to test the rate of your connection to Netflix’s servers
  •  There are no ads
  • It’s applicable on your connection wherever you’re streaming Netflix from


  • It’s no longer simply designed to check your ISP’s connection speed
  • Results are precise to Netflix infrastructure

The FCC’s Speed Test app

Take two pace tests for your self and one for the u . S . A .

The FCC in April released the FCC Speed Test app. It’s available as an Android app inside the Google Play Store and an iOS app in Apple’s App Store.

That means you cannot run the check from your laptop, however you are taking element in an crucial undertaking for the commission to get a clearer picture of broadband excellent throughout America.

The take a look at produces consequences after you press the button to start the test inside the mobile app. The information collected is used to help the FCC improve its broadband maps. Under the Trump management, Microsoft argued the FCC changed into significantly overestimating what number of residents had access to fast broadband. Microsoft’s facts suggested nearly half of of America’s population did no longer have get entry to to speeds of at the least 25 Mpbs instead of the 24 million envisioned in the FCC’s maps.

Data is shared with the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America studies application, an vital country wide assignment as a way to help decide wherein funding is allocated in years yet to come. It’s a case where broadband pace tests are not pretty much your very own connection velocity, however the country of broadband throughout the kingdom.

“To near the space between digital haves and have nots, we’re running to construct a comprehensive, user-pleasant dataset on broadband availability,” said performing chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

“Expanding the bottom of purchasers who use the FCC Speed Test app will enable us to provide progressed coverage data to the public and upload to the dimension equipment we are growing to reveal wherein broadband is definitely available for the duration of the USA.”


  • It enables a challenge to improve rapid broadband get right of entry to across the United States
  • There are no commercials or direct business pastimes
  • The FCC beneath the Biden Administration seems eager to take a look at customer rather than carrier pastimes


  • It’s only available as a check from a phone or tablet, which only captures 1/2 the photograph
  • There’s no manner to check broadband speeds from a computer or Ethernet-related PC

Why do you want to test your internet velocity?

Speed exams are useful to far flung people who would possibly want to figure out whether a poor connection is due to the ISP or something else, which includes the house router, a web routing difficulty, or maybe the device they are trying out from — be it a laptop, computing device or a telephone. The assessments also can be handy whilst disputing an ISP’s claimed speeds for a subscription.

Are a few internet velocity checks more dependable or sincere than others?

Results can range broadly among broadband velocity exams and daily due to changing network situations. We considers the 5 5 broadband velocity checks above to be reliable and straightforward. But to get a true picture of your broadband speed, you’ll likely want to run the exams a couple of instances and test effects across different devices all through the day.

For net velocity, how fast is rapid enough?

The FCC currently considers 25Mbps to be a fast sufficient provider for greater than four users on a network, but many human beings will locate this inadequate. The value of broadband and paltry speeds in rural America are also why there may be so much interest in SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband carrier.

How did we pick those net pace tests?

ZDNet doesn’t vouch for one check over another. As defined, there are multiple broadband velocity tests and those should . Some of them are designed to test a connection for a particular on line provider, inclusive of Netflix or Stadia, while others can assist patron dispute pace claims with ISPs, and the FCC’s speed check would possibly help fill broadband gaps within the network.

Are there different internet pace assessments worth thinking about?


OpenSignal began out with cell speed checks and frequently produces reviews approximately 4G and 5G velocity results round the world. It crowdsources its consequences and now additionally returns consequences for wifi speeds, however its consciousness is squarely at the mobile experience.

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