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One Piece: How Old Is Nami? & 7 Other Questions About Her best, Answered

Nami is a noticeable character in the One Piece filler establishment and an indispensable individual from the Straw Hat Pirates. All things considered, there are a couple of insights regarding her that even a portion of her greatest fans probably won’t know since they were mentioned in passing or just affirmed by the maker — or other cast and team—in the manga notes or in interviews. 

This can incorporate things like Nami’s age, her blood classification, and even what sort of profession she would have in the event that she wasn’t a privateer. A lot of things that fans may never have even idea to get some information about Nami may as of now have affirmed answers. 

One-piece nami focuses at news coo 

Time passes by in the arrangement, and she is around 20 years of age after the time skip, which sets in around Vol. 61, Chapter 598 of the manga, and scene 517 of the anime. 

This makes her marginally more established than Luffy, who gives off an impression of being around 17 when they initially meet. Be that as it may, this additionally makes her somewhat more youthful than Sanji and Zoro, both of whom are around 19 when they debut in the arrangement. 

What Is Nami’s Blood Type?

In the realm of One Piece arcs, blood classifications are given unexpected groupings in comparison to genuine blood classifications, however they actually appear to relate to their genuine partners: X relates to A; F compares to B; S compares to O; and XF relates to AB. 

Nami has the X sort. In Japanese culture, a well known pseudoscientific conviction holds that blood classification mirrors an individual’s character. Utilizing this, individuals with the same A-type blood are viewed as thoughtful, mindful, obstinate, dependable, sincere, and extraordinary. 

What Kind Of Abilities and Powers Does Nami Have? Nami Is The Navigator Of The Straw Hat Pirates And Is A Talented Cartographer and Mapmaker 

She likewise has an ability for funds, making her the Straw Hat Pirates’ accepted financial officer. Moreover, she’s likewise a competent criminal and pickpocket, acquiring her the sobriquet of “Feline Burglar.” 

With the assistance of the Clima-Tact, nonetheless, she additionally has the “Craft of the Weather” in her corner. Having the option to control lightning, assault with wind, soften snow, and make illusions of herself, she basically controls every one of the powers of nature. 

What Nationality Is Nami? Of All Nationalities, Oda Felt That Nami Would Most Likely Be Swedish If She Were Real, But Nami Appears To Come From The Oykot Kingdom, Which Is “Tokyo” Spelled Backward 

One Piece Nami 

One Piece filler list doesn’t occur in reality, so certifiable nations aren’t actually appropriate to the characters. All things considered, arrangement maker Eiichiro Oda did once uncover what genuine identities the characters would be in the event that they were genuine in the manga. 

Of all identities, Oda felt that Nami would in all probability be Swedish in the event that she were genuine. All things considered, the cover page of Chapter 790 likewise depicted the characters in different genuine public outfits, large numbers of which digressed from the first list. Nami, for instance, was dressed as an American cowgirl. With regards to the arrangement, be that as it may, Nami seems to come from the Oykot Kingdom, which is “Tokyo” spelled in reverse. 

One Piece Nami Bell-Mere 

The two young ladies were then found by a Marine named Bell-mère, who embraced them and brought them up in Cocoyasi Village. Maybe fittingly, Bell-mère is a play on “Beauty Mère,” the French word for stepmother. 

In spite of the fact that Bell-mère end up being a caring mother, Nami on occasion disdained the absence of money the family had, wishing she might have been taken in by a rich family. Heartbreakingly, Bell-mère wound up killed by Arlong before Nami and her received sister. 

What Is Nami’s Favorite Food? Nami Tends To Favor Fruits In General, With A Special Love For Tangerines 

One Piece Nami Smiling Orange 

A large number of the Straw Hat Pirates have a most loved food. Nami will in general support organic products all in all, with a unique love for tangerines. 

This really integrates with her origin story. Ringer mère’s tangerine trees were the family’s fundamental wellspring of help during Nami’s initial years. During seasons of difficulty, Bell-mère would live off of the tangerines while giving leftover food to her received girls. 

What Flower Would Suit Nami? 

During a meeting in the manga, Robin’s voice entertainer, Yuriko Yamaguchi, was asked which blossoms would best suit every one of the Straw Hat Pirates. 

The blossom said to mirror Nami’s character the most is the sunflower. Eiichiro Oda later offered marginally various responses in the manga. Strangely, Oda additionally said that the sunflower likewise most appropriate Luffy, as well. 

What Is Nami’s Back-Up Plan In Life?

Fans regularly prefer to consider imaginary worlds where the characters will encounter all sort of various lives. Along these lines, it raises the subject of what sort of profession the Straw Hat Pirates would appreciate having on the off chance that they weren’t privateers. 

Indeed, Oda shed some light on this by uncovering some vocation decisions that the characters would have. Nami, for instance, was supposed to be fit as a childcare laborer. 

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