Top 9 New Technology Trends for 2021


Technology today is evolving at such a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change, until eventually, it will become exponential. However, it is not only technology trends and top technologies that are evolving, a lot more has changed this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 making IT professionals realize that their role will not stay the same in the contactless world tomorrow. And an IT professional in 2020-21 will constantly be learning, unlearning, and relearning (out of necessity if not desire).

What does this mean for you?

It means staying current with new technology trends. And it means keeping your eyes on the future to know which skills you’ll need to know to secure a safe job tomorrow and even learn how to get there. All bows to the worldwide pandemic, most of the global IT population is sitting back, working from home. And if you wish to make the most of your time at home, here are the top 9 new technology trends you should watch for and make an attempt at in 2021, and possibly secure one of the jobs that will be created by these new technology trends.

Here is the list of the top 9 new and trending technologies:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Edge Computing

Quantum Computing

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Internet of Things (IoT)


Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has already received a lot of buzz in the past decade, but it continues to be one of the new technology trends because its notable effects on how we live, work and play are only in the early stages. AI is already known for its superiority in image and speech recognition, navigation apps, smartphone personal assistants, ride-sharing apps and so much more.

Other than that AI will be used further to analyze interactions to determine underlying connections and insights, to help predict demand for services like hospitals enabling authorities to make better decisions about resource utilization, and to detect the changing patterns of customer behaviour by analyzing data in near real-time, driving revenues and enhancing personalized experiences.

The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025 with global spending on cognitive and AI systems reaching over $57 billion in 2021.  With AI spreading its wings across sectors, new jobs will be created in development, programming, testing, support and maintenance, to name a few. On the other hand AI also offers some of the highest salaries today ranging from over $1,25,000 per year (machine learning engineer) to $145,000 per year (AI architect) – making it the top new technology trend you must watch out for!

Machine Learning the subset of AI, is also being deployed in all kinds of industries, creating a huge demand for skilled professionals. Forrester predicts AI, machine learning, and automation will create 9 percent of new U.S. jobs by 2025, jobs including robot monitoring professionals, data scientists, automation specialists, and content curators, making it another new technology trend you must keep in mind too!

Mastering AI and machine learning will help you secure jobs like:

AI Research Scientist

AI Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Architect

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Like AI and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is another technology that is automating jobs. RPA is the use of software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, and even replying to emails. RPA automates repetitive tasks that people used to do.

Although Forrester Research estimates RPA automation will threaten the livelihood of 230 million or more knowledge workers or approximately 9 percent of the global workforce, RPA is also creating new jobs while altering existing jobs. McKinsey finds that less than 5 percent of occupations can be totally automated, but about 60 percent can be partially automated.

For you as an IT professional looking to the future and trying to understand new technology trends, RPA offers plenty of career opportunities, including developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and consultant. And these jobs pay well. An RPA developer can earn over ₹534K per year – making it the next technology trend you must keep a watch on!

Mastering RPA will help you secure high paying jobs like:

RPA Developer

RPA Analyst

RPA Architect

Edge Computing

Formerly a new technology trend to watch, cloud computing has become mainstream, with major players AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform dominating the market. The adoption of cloud computing is still growing, as more and more businesses migrate to a cloud solution. But it’s no longer the emerging technology trend. Edge is.

As the quantity of data organizations are dealing with continues to increase, they have realized the shortcomings of cloud computing in some situations. Edge computing is designed to help solve some of those problems as a way to bypass the latency caused by cloud computing and getting data to a datacenter for processing. It can exist “on the edge,” if you will, closer to where computing needs to happen. For this reason, edge computing can be used to process time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited or no connectivity to a centralized location. In those situations, edge computing can act like mini datacenters.

Edge computing will increase as use of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices increases. By 2022, the global edge computing market is expected to reach $6.72 billion. And this new technology trend is only meant to grow and nothing less, creating various jobs, primarily for software engineers.

Keeping in line with cloud computing (including new-age edge and quantum computing) will help you grab amazing jobs like:

Cloud Reliability Engineer

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Cloud Architect and Security Architect

DevOps Cloud Engineer

Quantum Computing

The next remarkable technology trend is quantum computing, which is a form of computing that takes advantage of quantum phenomena like superposition and quantum entanglement. This amazing technology trend is also involved in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, and to develop potential vaccines, thanks to its ability to easily query, monitor, analyze and act on data, regardless of the source. Another field where quantum computing is finding applications in banking and finance, to manage credit risk, for high-frequency trading and fraud detection.

Quantum computers are now a multitude times faster than regular computers and huge brands like Splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft, AWS, Google and many others are now involved in making innovations in the field of Quantum Computing. The revenues for the global quantum computing market are projected to surpass $2.5 billion by 2029. And to make a mark in this new trending technology, you need to have experience with quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The next exceptional technology trend – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (ER). VR immerses the user in an environment while AR enhances their environment. Although this technology trend has primarily been used for gaming thus far, it has also been used for training, as with VirtualShip, a simulation software used to train U.S. Navy, Army, and Coast Guard ship, captains.

In 2021, we can expect these forms of technologies to be further integrated into our lives. Usually working in tandem with some of the other new technologies we’ve mentioned in this list, AR and VR have enormous potential in training, entertainment, education, marketing, and even rehabilitation after an injury. Either could be used to train doctors to do surgery, offer museum-goers a deeper experience, enhance theme parks, or even enhance marketing, as with this Pepsi Max bus shelter.

Fun fact:

14 million AR and VR devices were sold in 2019. The global AR and VR market is expected to grow to $209.2 billion by 2022, only creating more opportunities in the trending technology, and welcoming more professionals ready for this game-changing field.

While some employers might look for optics as a skill-set, note that getting started in VR doesn’t require a lot of specialized knowledge – basic programming skills and a forward-thinking mindset can land a job; another reason why this new technology trend should make up to your list of lookouts!


Albeit the vast majority consider blockchain innovation comparable to cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin, blockchain offers security that is valuable from various perspectives. In the most straightforward of terms, blockchain can be portrayed as information you can just add to, not detract from or change. Henceforth the expression “chain” since you’re making a chain of information. Not having the option to change the past blocks is the thing that makes it so secure. What’s more, blockchains are agreement-driven, so nobody substance can assume responsibility for the information. With blockchain, you needn’t bother with a confided-in an outsider to manage or approve exchanges.

A few businesses are including and carrying out blockchain, and as the utilization of blockchain innovation increments, so too does the interest for talented experts. From a 10,000 foot perspective, a blockchain designer represents considerable authority in creating and carrying out engineering and arrangements utilizing blockchain innovation. The normal yearly compensation of a blockchain designer is ₹469K.

On the off chance that you are captivated by Blockchain and its applications and need to make your vocation in this moving innovation, at that point this is the perfect chance to begin. To get into Blockchain, you need to have active experience of programming dialects, the essentials of OOPS, level and social data sets, information structures, web application advancement, and systems administration.

Dominating blockchain can help you increase in an assortment of fields and businesses:

Hazard Analyst

Tech Architect

Crypto Community Manager

Front End Engineer

Web of Things (IoT)

Another promising new innovation pattern is IoT. Many “things” are presently being worked with WiFi network, which means they can be associated with the Internet—and to one another. Subsequently, the Internet of Things, or IoT. The Internet of Things is the future, and has effectively empowered gadgets, home machines, vehicles and considerably more to be associated with and trade information over the Internet.


As shoppers, we’re as of now utilizing and profiting by IoT. We can bolt our entryways distantly on the off chance that we neglect to when we leave for work and preheat our stoves on our path home from work, all while following our wellness on our Fitbits. In any case, organizations additionally have a lot to acquire now and soon. The IoT can empower better security, effectiveness and dynamic for organizations as information is gathered and investigated. It can empower prescient support, accelerate clinical consideration, improve client care, and offer advantages we haven’t envisioned at this point.


Also, we’re just in the early phases of this new innovation pattern: Forecasts recommend that by 2030 around 50 billion of these IoT gadgets will be being used all throughout the planet, making an enormous snare of interconnected gadgets spreading over everything from cell phones to kitchen apparatuses. The worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is figure to arrive at 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022. New advancements, for example, 5G is relied upon to drive market development in the coming years.


What’s more, on the off chance that you wish to enter this moving innovation, you should find out about Information security, AI and AI essentials, organizing, equipment interfacing, information examination, mechanization, comprehension of implanted frameworks, and should have gadget and plan information.


The following innovation pattern that follows the IoT is 5G. Where 3G and 4G advances have empowered us to peruse the web, use information-driven administrations, expanded transmission capacities for real-time on Spotify or YouTube thus considerably more, 5G administrations are required to alter our lives. by empowering administrations that depend on trendsetting innovations like AR and VR, close by cloud-based gaming administrations like Google Stadia, NVidia GeForce Now and significantly more. It is relied upon to be utilized in processing plants, HD cameras that assistance improves wellbeing and traffic for the executives, keen lattice control, and savvy retail as well.


Pretty much every telecom organization like Verizon, Tmobile, Apple, Nokia Corp, QualComm, are currently dealing with making 5G applications. 5G administrations are relied upon to dispatch worldwide in 2021 with in excess of 50 administrators offering administrations in around 30 nations before the finish of 2021, making it another innovation pattern you should keep an eye out for, and furthermore save a spot in.

Digital protection

Digital protection probably won’t seem like a moving innovation, given that it has been around for some time, however it is developing similarly as different advancements are. That is to some degree since dangers are continually new. The noxious programmers who are attempting to unlawfully get to information won’t surrender any time soon, and they will keep on discovering approaches to overcome even the hardest safety efforts. It’s additionally to a limited extent on the grounds that new innovation is being adjusted to improve security. However long we have programmers, online protection will stay a moving innovation since it will continually develop to safeguard against those programmers.

As evidence of the solid requirement for network safety experts, the quantity of online protection occupations is growing multiple times quicker than other tech occupations. Additionally, the requirement for appropriate online protection is high to the point that by 2021, $6 trillion will be spent around the world on network safety.

You should take note of that anyway difficult the field is it likewise offers rewarding six-figure wages, and jobs can go from

Moral Hacke

Malware Analysis

Security Engineer

Boss Security Officer

offering a promising professional way for somebody who needs to get into and stay with this evergreen moving innovation.

9 New Technology Trends and 1 Solution to Succeed in Them

In spite of the fact that innovations are arising and advancing surrounding us, these main 9 new innovation patterns offer promising vocation expected now and for a long time to come. What’s more, the greater part of these moving innovations are inviting talented experts, which means everything looks good for you to pick one, get prepared, and jump aboard at the beginning phases of these moving advances, situating you for progress now and later on.

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